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Atlanta CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • I bought CityPASS as a quick and easy way to go through the attractions that Atlanta has to offer. Didn’t have to wait through any lines. Everything w...Leia mais

  • Great experience with CityPASS! Easy to purchase and use at all of the venues provided. Also great value instead of buying everything individually. Wi...Leia mais

  • The Atlanta City Pass is a fantastic way to explore the vibrant city of Atlanta. With this pass, you gain access to some of the city’s top attractions...Leia mais

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Boston CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • Good price definitely recommend CityPASS for people...Leia mais

  • We used this on our trip worked great, , used the app,...Leia mais

  • Good price. Excellent option to visit multiple places....Leia mais

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Chicago CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • The CityPASS and app is so easy to use (easy scan and fast through lines) and helped us stay on track to modify/update our reservations quickly. If yo...Leia mais

  • Bought the CityPass because it looked like a good way to save some $$ while in Chicago. That was true. It was. What we didn't realize is that our S...Leia mais

  • CityPASS was a fabulous value! Worth every penny and super easy to use!! Highly recommend!...Leia mais

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Chicago C3
4.5 / 5
  • I bought CityPass tickets for my trip and I it was the best decision....Leia mais

  • Even after tickets were sold out the city pass helped a lot...Leia mais

  • Buying and using CityPASS was extremely easy! I highly recommend it. There are several options to choose from and having the QR codes ready and availa...Leia mais

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Dallas CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • CityPASS is an amazing opportunity to plan out a visit and visit interesting places in Dallas. I was able to structure my days around these locations....Leia mais

  • Thank you for showing us Dallas. we will get another city pass in the next city we go to...Leia mais

  • I am usually skeptical about buying a pass. I know they have some fake companies out there. This app had great reviews So I decided to give it a try. ...Leia mais

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Denver CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • If you plan to stay in Denver for more than 3 days, you should definitely consider the purchase of a CityPass. It saves you money and it is so conveni...Leia mais

  • It was so easy to use my cityPASS at the Children’s Museum, Museum of Nature & Science, and the Aquarium. One great bonus of having the cityPASS is th...Leia mais

  • It was valuable decision to got citypass and I used it...Leia mais

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Houston CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • Loved our CityPASS!!! We had so much fun with our family! We were able to purchase the tickets online for a 50% off price. We downloaded our app and p...Leia mais

  • The city pass was super convenient for all the things we wanted to do. The only complaint I had was that it should have included the rides at the cit...Leia mais

  • I bought the city pass for our trip to Houston and it was a breeze. So easy to use at each location. We saved so much money visiting all the locations...Leia mais

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New York CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • Cumple con lo que promete, es la opción más económica si vas pocos días a New York!...Leia mais

  • This was our second time using CityPass in NYC and we could it really easy and straightforward....Leia mais

  • Citypass is very useful and friendly to use. I recommend....Leia mais

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New York C3
4.5 / 5
  • I bought city pass for my trip and I’m so glad I got it...Leia mais

  • CityPASS tickets are the very good help for your vacations....Leia mais

  • We were so glad we got our tickets and made reservations before we went. CityPass was wonderful....Leia mais

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New York C-All
4.4 / 5
  • A good tool to make a visit to the city. It is very easy to use, in your personal language (Italian for us), and you receive your tickets immediately....Leia mais

  • What an easy ride with CityPass through NY and it’s all important and magical spots. The best experience and all app I have used so far....Leia mais

  • Simply excellent: convenient, useful, best price... All you need for your NY trip!...Leia mais

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Orlando CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • Citypass the best app for buy tickets ...i recomend...Leia mais

  • Bought City Pass for Universal Studios tickets- looked at other discount offers and City Pass beat them all! Had a blast and saved money- love this an...Leia mais

  • 初めてオーランドに旅行する事になり、旅行前にディズニーワールドのチケット購入について調べていてCityPASSを知り、東京で購入でき、しかも割引チケットなので、買って良かったです。...Leia mais

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Philadelphia CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • My son and I were going to see Philadelphia, so I got the three attraction citypass because we knew what we wanted to do and you can save a bunch of m...Leia mais

  • The city pass made made getting out of the rain and into attractions so easy....Leia mais

  • Spent 3 days in Philadelphia, we had purchased in advance the city pass for 4 attractions at a great price and it was amazing to use. Easily recognize...Leia mais

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San Antonio CityPASS
4.8 / 5
  • We got the CityPass to save money on buying multiple attractions. My kids really enjoyed the DoSeum, the Zoo and the Witte. The app was a quick way to...Leia mais

  • We have a wonderful time the city pass was a great option to quickly enter the touris places...Leia mais

  • I read reviews complaining anout this but we jas no problems. Used it for the Alamo, the river cruise and thr Sky tower. No issues at all. It waa conv...Leia mais

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San Diego CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • It’s was an excellent experience buying this ticket , and with so many options of places to go to, It was easy just show your pass on you IPhone ,pl...Leia mais

  • CityPASS was extremely easy to use and a cost effective way for our family of 5 to see and do things while on our trip in San Diego. I would highly re...Leia mais

  • Buying from CityPass was a great deal, super easy and very convenient for saving time in line at the attractions. I highly recommend!...Leia mais

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San Francisco CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • We weren't sure we would be able to get to all 4 of our CityPASS destinations within our tight schedule. But, even if we only made it to , the purchas...Leia mais

  • Great!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Leia mais

  • easy to purchase and use in all the listed attractions. good value for money...Leia mais

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San Francisco C3
4.5 / 5
  • Purchasing CityPASS helped my friend and I save up on the cost to visit San Francisco's tourist sites. Would buy from them again....Leia mais

  • It not my first time visiting San Francisco. CityPASS provides lots of interesting/fun/educational/art choices to visit whether you are traveling with...Leia mais

  • I vote city pass after a few days in San Francisco. If I’ve heard about it before I would have to buy more maybe the city Pass 4 for activities. It wa...Leia mais

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Seattle CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • I used CityPASS for my trip to Seattle and it was so helpful if you’re going to multiple things, saved so much money!...Leia mais

  • We really enjoyed our Seattle CityPASS. It offers a great value to see common attractions. We did more than we’d have been able to budget otherwise!...Leia mais

  • It made it easy to choose and enter the attractions we wanted to see...Leia mais

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Seattle C3
4.4 / 5
  • CityPASS is a great way to save money while seeing the sights in Seattle....Leia mais

  • We had a great experience using CityPASSon our trip to Seattle. Most of the options were things that we wanted to do already so using CityPASS made it...Leia mais

  • I bought my C3 CityPASS for my short trip in Seattle and it was totally worth it. I went to the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden, and Seattle Aquarium. Th...Leia mais

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Southern California CityPASS
4.5 / 5
  • I’m happy whit the service great customer services...Leia mais

  • I used City Pass a decade ago for a Southern California pass, this was exceptional value. Unfortunately this is not available any more but we were sti...Leia mais

  • We Bought Legoland tix and the process was flawless!...Leia mais

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Tampa Bay CityPASS
4.7 / 5
  • The CityPASS was a great buy for our trip to Tampa. It bundled all the attractions we wanted to visit and more at a fantastic price! And using the Cit...Leia mais

  • Great cost savings! All the attractions were awesome, will definitely purchase again when visiting Tampa!...Leia mais

  • While it didn't detract from the value of citypass in any way I believe that the MOSI museum is such an inferior offering. Another museum in the area ...Leia mais

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Toronto CityPASS
4.6 / 5
  • Loved the city pass, good value for money and also loved the 5 attractions included in it....Leia mais

  • Informative and enjoyable. Easy way to get around city....Leia mais

  • I really enjoyed using CityPASS! It is a great deal, and you can organize yourself much better, especially using the App. Highlight for me was the Cit...Leia mais

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