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Ah, Denver: the Mile-High City. (It really is one mile high - the thirteenth step of the State Capital Building puts you squarely at 5,280 feet above sea level.) It’s surrounded by mountains and boasts over 300 sunny days per year. Tourists and residents alike revere it for its snowy peaks in winter and unfathomably beautiful trails in summer. What’s even better? Along with its enviable weather and mountainous landscape, it also happens to be a cultural and activity mecca. Turns out there are plenty of things to do in Denver besides ski and hike.

Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

Don’t be fooled by the word "children" - the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus is an intriguing adventure for all ages. Its mission is for everyone to relish the joy and wonder of childhood.

What to See
The Village of Healthy Smiles is overflowing with dental hygiene novelties like the Tooth Fairy’s workshop and a giant vintage mirror where kids and families alike can "brush up" on their tooth-cleaning skills. Or wander through the Vet Clinic and observe tots checking in beloved furry family members to be seen by the doctor.

What to Do
Join your little one in the museum’s "teaching kitchen" to cook up something yummy, or play peek-a-boo as your tot ambles through a "box canyon" mountain. While in a museum that caters to children, you’re never far from something fun and engaging.

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Downtown Aquarium

You'll be enthralled with the wide range of exhibits at this local favorite. From rainforests to coral lagoons to shipwrecks, the Downtown Aquarium has a no-holds-barred attitude towards making education fun.

What to See
The aquarium offers daily shows featuring mermaids! Don’t miss these mystical creatures as they swan about underwater in a display choreographed to music. You can also catch a flick at their 4-D theater, featuring 15-minute films like Polar Express and Planet Earth. Try the Sunken Temple as well, where you’ll puzzle over the mysteries of millennia-old ancient ruins.

What to Do
Test your bravery by taking the plunge into a shark tank. The aquarium’s 400,000-gallon Shipwreck exhibit gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with five different species of sharks and multitudes of other aquatic life.

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Denver Art Museum

One of the largest art museums west of Chicago, the DAM is a top choice for a hands-on, interactive art experience. The castle-like facade of the main building sets it apart from more traditional temple-style museums, and its 2006 addition is covered in 9,000 titanium panels that make for a stunning display on a sunny day.

What to See
With 14 permanent collections and a roster of ever-changing exhibits, you’ll find it quite easy to spend a day or more here. See over 350 years of Spanish art through their collection of 3,000-plus objects, including Aztec style feather paintings and panel paintings highlighted with mother of pearl.

What to Do
Join a figure drawing class led by a master artist, or glean behind-the-scenes knowledge of what it’s really like to run a world-class museum. If writing’s your thing, try one of their "Drop-In Writing" series, led by the staff from the Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

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Denver Botanic Gardens

With two locations in Denver that span over 700 acres, these gardens are a treat for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the elegant beauty of cultivated nature. Their Chatfield Farms location is a working farm, so don’t be surprised if you notice people harvesting fresh produce for local community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs).

What to See
Indulge your zest for bountiful blooms and exotic plants at the York Street Gardens, or treat your peepers to a vast working farm and cute butterfly garden at Chatfield Farms. Both sites are bursting with exquisitely cultivated florae from all over the world.

What to Do
Join a "Science chat" at the demonstration desk inside the Science Pyramid at the York Street Gardens. Staff host these impromptu discussions, which span a variety of topics from pollination practices to women in science. Get down and dirty with the florae in the Mordecai Children’s Garden, where they regularly switch up the exhibited eco-system to reflect the current season.

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Denver Museum of Nature & Science

While its rainy days are far and few between, there are still fun things to do in Denver when the weather is being less than cooperative. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is the perfect antidote to sullen skies.

What to See
With an extensive variety of exhibits ranging from gems and minerals to ancient mummies, a planetarium, and an IMAX theater, you’ll find yourself wishing for more rainy days just for an excuse to go back.

What to Do
Embrace your inner (or outer) child in the Discovery Zone, where your kids will have the opportunity to excavate "fossils" and create art projects that boost creativity. Start grooming your darling to be an astronaut at the AstroTot Training in the Space Odyssey exhibit. They’ll have the opportunity to strap on a jetpack and "take off" for the stars from their pint-sized shuttle deck.

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Denver Zoo

If you’re looking for things to see in Denver that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, look no further than the Denver Zoo. Their passion for conservation is unmatched, and everything they do adheres to their core mission of making the planet a better place for all its residents.

What to See
Join an Up-Close Animal Encounter to play with waddling penguins or watch a personal training session with the 400-pound Amur tigers. You’ll get to admire animals from (literally) all walks of life, and learn all about the magnificent natural world at this memorable destination.

What to Do
If you’ve had your fill of snapping photos of the striking wildlife surrounding you, try something a little more social with their adults-only Watering Hole series. You’ll get the inside scoop on the inner workings of the zoo and how they strive to conserve animals throughout the world, along with some tasty nibbles and the option to enjoy an adult beverage.

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History Colorado Center

If you’re debating what to see in Denver, why not soak up a little education about your surroundings? The History Colorado Center offers seven Community Museums, each with their own smartly curated exhibits.

Things to See
Gawp at the astounding LEGO recreation of Colorado’s history or catch up on the history of women in Colorado at the Byers-Evans House, a beautifully restored 1883 edifice. You’ll be a Colorado-phile before you know it.

Things to Do
Walk through a recreation of Keota from 1918 and admire the relics of yore, or join one of their ongoing event series, where you may get the opportunity for some hands-on LEGO building or biking on their Big Wheel racetrack. If you’re into the great outdoors, their Tours & Treks pairs you with experts to explore Colorado’s natural beauty.

>> Learn more about History Colorado Center.

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

If flying’s your jam, you’ll be thrilled with their collection of over fifty iconic aircraft and former warbirds. You’ll learn all about the history of aviation and even get to try your hand at "flying" via one of their Flight Simulators.

What to See
Learn about the history of personalized aircraft “nose art,” which took off after World War One, or delight in historic aviation attire in their Aviation Uniforms exhibit.

What to Do
Choose from the Doron Simulator (perfect for younger kids or those looking for a more relaxed experience), the MaxFlight Simulator (an action-packed five minutes where you can either "ride" a roller coaster or "fly" a plane), or the Aviation Xtreme Flight Simulator (get a mile-high view of the world from the cockpit of an F-15). You’ll get the intense rush of flying without ever leaving the ground.

>> Learn more about Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

Colorado State Capitol

Known as one of the most majestic state capitol buildings in the United States, this 124-year old architectural marvel boasts a copper dome gilded in gold leaf to commemorate the Colorado Gold Rush.

What to SeeIf you have the opportunity, take in the exquisite view from a walk on the Colorado State Capitol's outdoor observation deck.

What to Do
Tour the inside to admire an interior that is believed to be made almost exclusively from the world’s only supply of the rare Colorado Rose Onyx. Its walls are adorned with quilts and tapestries, governor’s portraits, and plaques honoring past political servants.

>> Learn more about the Colorado State Capitol.

Union Station

This train station is over 100 years old, but it’s every bit as glamorous today as it was when it was first built. High soaring windows offer a tantalizing view of the surrounding downtown.

What to See
Take a tour of this majestic monument to man’s artistic endeavors. You’ll get the full story of the history, as well as a roundup of the most popular dining spots. End your tour with a complimentary beverage at the Terminal Bar.

What to Do
Eat, drink, and shop to your heart’s content: everything you need is tucked snugly together in a luxurious package. When it comes to iconic buildings, Union Station is truly one of the best things to see in Denver.

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Sports in Denver

The mile-high city is chock-full of sports action. The Broncos and Nuggets both call this city home, while snow sports like skiing and snowshoeing are practically official hobbies for residents.

What to See
The Pepsi Center, home of the Denver Nuggets, can seat almost 20,000 excited fans and usually fills up pretty quickly. It’s a tremendous sports center, not to be missed if you’re a rabid basketball fan.

What to Do
Take in a Nuggets or Broncos game if the season’s right. There’s nothing like the raw power of spectacularly well-conditioned athletes combined with the adrenaline-powered excitement of cheering fans to make you feel alive. If nature’s calling your name, head to the Winter Park Resort any time of the year for seasonal activities ranging from skiing to mountain climbing.

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Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Over 100 years old, this breathtaking church will hush you into reverent silence the minute you enter its hallowed halls. It’s still in operation, hosting Mass three times daily and five Sunday Masses per week.

What to See
Admire the 210-foot spires (see if you can tell where one was repaired in the early 20th century after being struck by lightning) and the 75 stained-glass windows that fill the church with colorful light.

What to DoYou don’t have be religious to enjoy the cathedral. Enjoy a rousing organist or choral concert, part of their Bosetti Concerts lineup, or just slip into a back row to quietly count your blessings in ornamental splendor.

>> Learn more about Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Washington Park

One of Denver’s many gorgeously groomed outdoor spaces, Washington Park’s 155-acre grounds are a draw for tourists and residents alike. The park has facilities for multiple sports and entertainment, so take advantage of Colorado’s 300+ sunny days a year to visit.

What to See
Two beautifully landscaped gardens, one of which is a recreation of George Washington’s gardens at Mount Vernon, will captivate you as you meander through the park.

What to Do
More like, what can’t you do? Play volleyball, barbeque, go for a bike ride or jog, or simply hang out and enjoy the scenery. This is the ultimate kick back and relax (or kick butt if you’re the competitive type) space to spend a warm summer day.

>> Learn more about Washington Park.

Denver Public Library

Libraries are often a refuge for those yearning to explore the depths of history or travel across oceans without ever leaving their seat. The Denver Public Library offers those little luxuries and more, all in a historic building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

What to See
Check out the Western History collection, which promises over 600,000 photographs, including the Otto Perry collection of railroad photographs.

What to Do
Immerse yourself in history in the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, one of the branches of the Denver Public Library. Filled with video and audio histories and doctoral theses, the library also hosts a room for performing artists and studying scholars. Check out the third floor--it houses a museum exhibiting Western African-American historical artifacts.

>> Learn more about the Denver Public Library.

Use the Denver CityPASS to gain entry into top-rated destinations and you’ll save significantly over what you’d pay in combined entrance fees. You can choose from a pass that allows you to combine three, four, or five of your favorite attractions including Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, Downtown Aquarium, Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Zoo, History Colorado Center, and Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

Some special exhibits are not included with the CityPASS and may require an extra fee.

Denver CityPASS is exclusively available online. Try it today and see for yourself how much there is to see and do in Denver.

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