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Brrr! Baby, It’s Cold Inside Boston’s Frost Ice Bar

The frigid temps that have recently beset Boston and the rest of the East Coast—with wind chills dipping way below zero—might lead you to believe that one might not want to visit a drinking establishment made completely out of ice, especially at this incredibly chilly time of year.

"December was a record month for us in terms of ticket sales," says Colin McKenna, the Operations Manager for Boston’s very new and very frozen watering hole, The Frost Ice Bar. "We've found that the colder it gets, the busier we get. We think this has to do with guests coming in already dressed for the cold and the fact that our bar is actually warmer most days than it is outside."

Yes, it’s true. Boston’s Frost Ice Bar—which has maintained a cool temperature of 21 degrees Fahrenheit since it opened at the end of August in 2013—seems downright balmy compared to the wintery conditions this city has seen of late.

The world's largest permanent indoor ice bar, the Frost Ice Bar is located in the marketplace-friendly Faneuil Hall, not far from the Old State House and the much more fluid New England Aquarium. This novel Boston-themed bar (there’s loads of local paraphernalia on ice and on display in here) is where locals and tourists alike flock together to have a really cold one. Think Cheers meets Dr. Zhivago and you’ll start getting the picture.

It’s always chilly at The Frost Ice Bar, one of the coldest attractions in Boston. In fact, the rule is that no one is allowed to stay more than 45 minutes inside this wintery wonderland. It’s that cold. And it has to be. That’s because everything inside this snow palace is frozen solid: the walls, the furnishings, the bar, the swan boat built big enough for a small party to sit in, even the drinking glasses.

So how does one warm up in such a cold environment? With admission, (it’s best to reserve in advance, and you must be at least six years old to enter) you’ll get the use of gloves and a poncho-style cover-up. But you’ll want to wear closed-toe shoes, unless you like a little tingle in your toes.

Photo credit: The Frost Ice Bar in Boston's Faneuil Hall

And as for tickling your taste buds? They will be tingled by an assortment of cocktails (no food is offered) as well as at least one non-alcoholic beverage. Due to the time limit on this unique experience, this frosty bar is perhaps best enjoyed as a group activity—you might even want to have your own “Boston Ice Tea Party” here. Or, if you want to make it a family affair, come before 4:15 p.m., when those younger than 21 are allowed entry (and when admission prices are lower).

The Frost Ice Bar is as much about being there as it is about drinking there. And, really, where else can you say you had your favorite frozen drink literally on ice?

Boston’s Frost Ice Bar, 200 State St, Boston, MA 02109.
(617) 307-7331. Noon-10 pm daily.